Wanda van Gelderen

Reinvent your future

My executive coaching will guide you in creating a fresh career or business strategy. One that allows you to build a legacy while achieving professional growth and the lifestyle you desire. 

If you’ve found yourself:

More About Me

A health wake-up call forced me to look at my life. After a career in Procurement, mainly in Financial Services and IT, I decided to do what I love and make a real impact on the lives of others by becoming an Executive Coach. 

I use my ICF Accreditation and Coaching Standards, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP, Commercial Mindset and Psychometrics. My work is both thought-provoking and creative.

My core values are integrity, understanding, courage, generosity and learning. These drive everything I do.

My passion is helping inspirational people get out of their own way. Clients are encouraged to give themselves and their teams permission to live a bigger, more prosperous and generous life.

As a bonus, for the last 25 years I have been negotiating in one of the toughest industries, so let’s use my negotiation tools to help you negotiate a fresh life.

During our coaching, we’ll work through three key stages:

1. Review

Fresh Perspectives on existing strengths

Our journey starts by taking the time and space to explore your values, strengths and personal vision. This allows you to embrace change and reframe your skills and create your new story.

2. Redesign

Redesigning your life: Navigating ‘better’

We then create your fresh career or business strategy, identify and negotiate your obstacles, and enhance your personal brand; all backed by a clear actionable plan that fits your vision, personality and schedule.

3. Reinvent

Enjoy more impact, fulfilment, and freedom

With your renewed energy, perspective and skills, you’ll experience a shift in your approach, meaning and purpose, pathing the way to exciting new opportunities and a powerful legacy.

Ready for a fresh start?