I was going through a significant career change and felt it would be valuable to seek help to review progress to date, identify missed steps and spot the opportunities that were hiding in plain sight. It was a pretty vague brief! I was coached by Wanda for 3 months and from the first session felt the benefits. I now have a much clearer focus on my work direction and what represents success, as well as being much better able to identify how to balance family and friends in a positive manner. I immediately felt comfortable with Wanda's coaching style, in which she blends a great balance of listening and challenging. Through our sessions Wanda consistently identified significant and reoccurring themes which helped me to explore options and to feel comfortable in the key decisions I was making. Wanda's no nonsense, but very personable style, meant our sessions were focused, yet flexible, always grounded in reality and full of practical advice. I would highly recommend Wanda to anyone looking for a coach.
Richard A
Moved from a Senior role in the Armed Forces to a career in Financial Services
I hired Wanda at that time in my life when I was really stuck. I wanted to change careers but didn't have the confidence or knowledge of how to do it. I had been a secondary school teacher for nearly 8 years and it was the only profession I had known and I was completely institutionalized so stepping outside that world was really daunting. Contacting Wanda and investing in myself this way is one of the best things that I have ever done. She taught me strategies that provided me with the confidence in how to move forward and erase self-doubt. The coaching is productive, goal orientated and achievement-based which makes you feel great! The skills Wanda has taught me have been applicable to so many different scenarios in my life and I have been able to transfer these skills and the outcome has been excellent. I have confidence in my own judgment in what is right for me and now have this inner belief in myself and I know I will live a much happier and fulfilled life. Thank you Wanda, for all your help and support.
Emma M
Moved from a well established career in Education to becoming a business owner.

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If I consider the areas that I have invested my time, the time spent with Wanda has provided the greatest return on investment that I can recall

After a number of years in my current role I found myself stuck with a number of challenges I had struggled to overcome and was curious to learn more about what else I might discover to help me grow in my professional career

I would highly recommend Wanda for anyone who stuck or struggling to work out their next steps in life or in their career. Thank you Wanda!

I can confidently say that I am a more efficient worker, I experience a lot less stress in relation to my working environment and I am an easier person to deal with internally within my own team

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